Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Federation House in Australia


Federation architecture refers to the architectural style of Australian homes built around the decades before and after 1900 AD. These houses reflect the Art Nouveau movement at the time of Federation of the Australian States on 1 January 1901.

"Decorative features such as gables and motifs adorn the exterior of the property. Leadlight windows are also a common feature of the Federation style house and as a result, Federation houses are often very picturesque and eye catching." - Archicentre

Since I live in a Sydney suburb with a rich heritage of these houses, I propose to document the details of these houses in these pages. Eventually I hope this site will be a definitive source of Federation decorative detail.
Anyone with similar interests is very welcome to contribute to this topic.

Federation Features

The features of Federation style architecture include:
  1. Red brick walls with a ridge of white mortar running along the joints between the bricks. The houses are usually made of a deep red or dark brown brick, often with a mix of the two.
  2. Dominant roofs, often broken by false gables and capped by terracotta frilled ridges and motifs decorating the exterior of the property.
  3. Turned timber verandah columns supplemented by elaborate timber decoration
  4. Bay windows
  5. Leadlight or coloured glass windows
  6. Low picket fences
  7. Large decorative ceilings
  8. Minimal gardens


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