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Mount Errington, Hornsby

'Mount Errington', 1 Rosemead Road Hornsby NSW 2077

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'Mount Errington', 1 Rosemead Road Hornsby NSW 2077
'Mount Errington', 1 Rosemead Road Hornsby NSW 2077

'Mount Errington', 1 Rosemead Road Hornsby NSW 2077
'Mount Errington', 1 Rosemead Road Hornsby NSW 2077

Federation Arts And Crafts
Statement of Significance:
Outstanding Federation mansion. Good example of Federation Arts and Crafts Style. Distinctive design with long sweeping bellcast roof, central entry feature and projecting balcony above. Excellent condition. Original interior and landscape elements. State and local significance.
Two Storey Residence
Physical Description:
Federation mansion. Attic storey in high pitched slate roof. Sweeping bellcast form with large gables on each elevation. Tuck-pointed face brick walls with extensive roughcast render. Verandahs continue around most of perimeter. Projecting entry with round arch opening, sandstone dwarf wall and balcony above. Shingled gable over. Fine timberwork to verandah and balcony. Original doors and windows. Much of the interior is also original. Original gates with new low, symmetrical fence. Well planted grounds, retaining some original plantings.
Rear verandah enclosure. Fence.
Historical Notes:
Mrs Anne Roberts purchased the 1.25 acre block of land in 1897. Her husband, Oscar Roberts was joint owner of Fairfax and Roberts, jewellers. He was also a Councillor of Hornsby Shire Council. He died in 1922. The house was sold to Frederick Watson of Hornsby in 1928.
external image lhna-lqDsAKl_1FDpsa9Xzu9Z-zGCqtDd_4keU9ccxD-eOoHfLUoIsCjCQleyeWvYfclg5IFhqZR6YxrIxk=w338-h220-rw external image 5-NTxkHmyXal0bE6or4g295a9t3VedWrWoexXOTyDr8yYjgvJG2MPqlLWrEL0i4Hh1wB3rhY6eKm81i1IJ4=w293-h220-rw

Hornsby Council Heritage Listing:

Endorsed Significance:
Criteria c) Aesthetic:
Rare, Representative
Historical Theme:
Subdivisions - Suburban - Health and Gentility
Heritage Listings:
Hornsby Local Environmental Plan 2013 - Schedule 5
Heritage Listings 2:
Register of National Trust (NSW)
Hornsby Shire Historical Society
Heritage Study (1993)
Study by:
Perumal Murphy Wu Pty Ltd
Study Inventory No.:
Heritage listed in HSLEP 1994, Gazetted 22 July 1994. Two inventory sheets for house and garden.
Date Inspected:
external image bYi3a3eeoD-ePe8mBPoYbexe4nxyG0h-IcRdZfCoMohX6zvv0wElgWDqkfvXmkhKb9BEAJqJXu-0jbWxPs4=w319-h220-rw external image R-Zafz7q0--kvfkFm1Z-RiF74vTOt43U3YPZqN0MEsKN1peqZ_JekeDs0HEr8sCEXvX9YiDwFZBCPT8ff98=w296-h220-rw external image dXpN_C5pghPiLUbEmQwvb6jKn9cWdsuOm4k8MdNe2l55pcaQURYLhEeZyAaamD54JiZDW5z1DI7XTSwBrEE=w154-h220-rw

Dictionary of Sydney listing

Mount Errington

by Niall ClugstonThe Dictionary of Sydney 2008

Mount Errington is a neighbourhood on the western side of the suburb of Hornsby, in Hornsby Shire. It is named after the stately home built there by Oscar Garibaldi Roberts.

In 1897, Roberts's wife, Anne, purchased 1¼ acres (5058 square metres) on the corner of Rosemead Road and Dural Street, which was the highest point in Hornsby.

  • The two-storey house was built in the Arts and Craft style between 1898 and 1899.
  • Roberts was joint owner of Fairfax and Roberts Jewellers, of Sydney, and the Shire President of Hornsby Shire's Provisional Council, which was set up by the New South Wales government before the first Council elections were held in 1906. Roberts remained a Councillor till 1917. [1]

'Mount Errington', 1 Rosemead Road Hornsby NSW 2077
'Mount Errington', 1 Rosemead Road Hornsby NSW 2077
The name Mount Errington became associated with the neighbourhood in 1913, when Roberts began to sell off his subdivision using that name in advertisements. [2]

The area including Rosemead Road, was first offered for sale in 1896
The area including Rosemead Road, was first offered for sale in 1896
First purchasers of land in the Mount Errington area
First purchasers of land in the Mount Errington area
  • In the Federation period, the Mount Errington area was the 'top end of town' and featured several grand residences which contrasted with the working-class housing closer to the railway station. Residents included businessmen, professionals, writers, and artists. [3]
  • Subsequently, many of the larger blocks of land were subdivided, and many of the larger houses have been converted into nursing homes or apartment buildings, but enough of the original character has been preserved for Mount Errington to be recognised as a heritage precinct. [4]

Notable residents and dwellings of the Mount Errington Area
Notable residents and dwellings of the Mount Errington Area

 2017 Sale listing

An exceptional landholding steeped in history, this exquisite period masterpiece is quite simply without equal.
  • Exclusively positioned amidst sprawling park-like level grounds, 'Mount Errington' circa 1899 is one of the few remaining representatives of the classic 'Arts and Crafts' movement in the area.
    external image A1BsUSagSyCrek-Ehsd_qGrTzspNWvM38x4VxivCsHRnStjsViySq8OsDxXyCxI7U_LJndlD_k2Ir9Az7-4=w293-h220-rw external image XnVg025Lg3keOnHzIM_KiKW8X2SjEx8XvOs3cz2mF80LtnV0nHIBRYWQ7u9okv4FCZtRAumNXPEBSnWydwY=w293-h220-rw
  • Embracing all the charm and romance of a bygone era combined with modern updates to cater for contemporary family living, it takes pride of place just moments from the many conveniences and lifestyle choices Hornsby has to offer.
    external image DgKWm_W6ew72oBE-JR1sG9zjTvCkB1OoANjUzEnyVh2PkfvPmkpjrkhyjBzfLUQz3UcshEKiwsuhD5hhdBI=w293-h220-rw external image YMdvCmS8aGThFTsHHs95s-sWhPRlL8RUmEgpNGzvq_lDVRTS_ebPOA9pFUFtPsAWNMXqmRJnMB9G0wjAt_c=w293-h220-rw
  • A world away from today's hectic lifestyle its grand interiors, stunning wraparound verandah and sheer proportions provide the ultimate family sanctuary with boundless potential to further enhance as desired. 
    external image nNefGb7xIEHgaZr6s4AFB1AbCR7ESNmMGZzABpDEm99VAaCgg2xWY08jD_iDX57cvq3gzFvZH_mIu6SBGwU=w293-h220-rw external image YlXRFEPBOR0SRHsen0_T1MloTkHf5oKu6j2_9d91uEPndKSr5QOk-KqGvlOzJw6jyvjkO3HVgEZb5hijBu4=w293-h220-rw
  • Set back from the street along a meandering gravel driveway framed by private gardens
    external image z0PmvOiKVKI7JXjLz7V2XKIths-PAqhxPj3vCMr0VHKjQmPeyfGCf7gWNPHylP3tnpbc75Eg2mGfcUljZTo=w293-h220-rwexternal image KGc4Kp5cr5cgYcKLIMbXedQG8YDJrcEVkTri9_kdAzuP-1kNxzPSSd8dcwF4jg9iQeGRYNasO-XqsGNFbOo=w293-h220-rw

  • Striking entry foyer cascades to a multitude of elegant living spaces with 12ft ceilings
    external image A1BsUSagSyCrek-Ehsd_qGrTzspNWvM38x4VxivCsHRnStjsViySq8OsDxXyCxI7U_LJndlD_k2Ir9Az7-4=w293-h220-rw external image FSaaTMZWOTX1yFwDdN-oR_mzBKbOi9-Cju3hc8_J0Xob96zAjqkpSapmK-zXeqjAGvWKgNhsR3llQE4vjqc=w293-h220-rw
  • Banquet-sized formal dining room, library/home office, sewing room and conservatory
    external image Zm8zIgw3BVdBBAt0c1Qqsxi_HtzrsI3-y8DcPfyke2RhB_nOYkAyfBdUafzmRtLfwUX9xMt91pKG5BHDfKo=w293-h220-rw external image zw8rseU05p6bXRrI9GB16xLruW1N0L7AA7K1ldDZrRmBGs-uyixh2BxcCCr6CJoKkpeLkHChpz_b-8eQhA8=w293-h220-rw
  • Modern granite kitchen, 900mm Kleenmaid freestanding gas cooker and butler's pantry
    external image YMdvCmS8aGThFTsHHs95s-sWhPRlL8RUmEgpNGzvq_lDVRTS_ebPOA9pFUFtPsAWNMXqmRJnMB9G0wjAt_c=w293-h220-rw external image RqVkx_Go9d6FS4bqSAJkhc4C7junymzOFWUW5n_667Z7QlQQa0qjBEMVCSTHhE2KfWd2wysW_z0vttzIh9M=w293-h220-rw
  • A children's paradise of expansive mature gardens and rambling park-like level lawns
    external image PtjcMAq4f6S7s9F76lFLtKDvkDDQkxTIEYDuuJR2ZPv4xyjTzu5D6pQTj1XW4i8l26J6Zftm3lTQxMH_Ufo=w293-h220-rw external image -UlTMAsdomGZt7pOp4nQSb0_sn-NFMkTZPj-86ZEMuuURdkL9I7kQjduJ8LeXH76OFSmfaNigUrlSke9s6w=w293-h220-rw
  • Oversized master bed with original fireplace flows to impressive all-weather verandah
    external image puLGY8BTm1yh3uS32lmOMpnDfe3FeQES-kjqNudOEyUQUYGRKoV5b7FUKne6nWpZC3j5bQEgfmJxRtHNcBU=w293-h220-rw external image -3dlNw-0cblG7px-RUqyqb5kZuAmAzVJNBZ8Vxy5mg-D3uXgmhruRfnhd_SPzmi9eHrJRvArintCkBoAsyo=w293-h220-rw
  • Light-filled upper-level bedrooms with potential to convert to a luxury parents' retreat
    external image rooV5WzHy4chB6KFtQAzaR9U_938eJHf4l46uJ7HH7wsE5UpCIlP54A6Pezr9eq2rNeP6RlAErw1g1EMr4s=w293-h220-rw external image YlXRFEPBOR0SRHsen0_T1MloTkHf5oKu6j2_9d91uEPndKSr5QOk-KqGvlOzJw6jyvjkO3HVgEZb5hijBu4=w293-h220-rw
  • Original timber floors, leadlight windows, decorative ceilings and detailed fireplaces
    external image bYi3a3eeoD-ePe8mBPoYbexe4nxyG0h-IcRdZfCoMohX6zvv0wElgWDqkfvXmkhKb9BEAJqJXu-0jbWxPs4=w319-h220-rw external image zw8rseU05p6bXRrI9GB16xLruW1N0L7AA7K1ldDZrRmBGs-uyixh2BxcCCr6CJoKkpeLkHChpz_b-8eQhA8=w293-h220-rw
  • Full size grass tennis court

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Bungalow Style

Bungalow Design Details

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external image fChQWRUQnHHPqZU2MJk3HILF6osPRlQCySDQHk7WfNFAvPsTisVec6LH5xcrD5bsNwhTWBz6vzTZDhzjEWQr2KeZYzZKKs5PQ2fWvwHjooNyK31O4zWxHC2P7BtPk7s6WuKaMxxDqkU8fIgPNjDM0z-mD6lE3zpiIvz2GCkF2VYqFPA2jXVxjj4Pg_LFw6cOqk3vpT904p_eTQhYO6HXXkAwE6gnbkGm3nY91Gw2mRwAbhDmAe5xZ-cHdiWAQZKBN-mopvptDvUVq6zHqH-hpUZkgF9Fb1qPR5NAlNH1TlGVS4rLC9aH18PWyw-8jGpHJH3W6LVHFmnSSjT3VAQAy5zzOChaGF6YjoIRmC-ecDuZTt4OUEuzXLj0sJQYIQE0LSSnszcWVcyG48GdkLdP-rIWNttx8R-V-n51_fM1yBPkF3vM08-BTuOdm_F0ezorZ0nsfHr3qynsslS3NAsift8ZM4pjJ_AgmxnzutKVZgSqZfzpvwnyQlKoDmZAXdk6fEfKH4IpZsX7htp09NSyqHV4nqZUA2eYTxmDhVvd-OqgUqyj5ukoESyhWOJN-UmY63XPzJNXAiLJ2TWN42-7qum6E__DKgtcY2c7ezydbdE=w640-h426-no
These properties show the evolution of Federation Bungalow into Bungalow styling.

Rosemorder, 5 Murray Road Cheltenham NSW

Rosemorder, 5 Murray Road Cheltenham NSW 2119 (1911)
Rosemorder, 5 Murray Road Cheltenham NSW 2119 (1911)
Rosemorder was very 'modern' when it was built as a Federation Bungalow in 1911, and is in remarkably good condition.
  • It has Arts and Crafts features, such as the gable decoration and the interesting chimney design, and also Art Nouveau influence in the wrap-around verandah design.
  • Rosemorder has all the Federation design details: high ornate ceilings, original fireplaces, timber fretwork and stained glass featured throughout.
  • The angle of the bungalow gable is 'flattened' compared to the (approx) ninety degree Federation gable:
    Rosemorder, 5 Murray Road Cheltenham NSW 2119 (1911)
    Rosemorder, 5 Murray Road Cheltenham NSW 2119 (1911)

    external image sK9MgkMJlvSvLg6-Cs-Zr0rVxZ4ZX23Y7cziBGTIeVILydDMxRDEQSx1FnvpC4QqHaVMfhwpTIl01gqivFk=w330-h220-rw external image C9Y0oHDp0REyw9mB9IDEUVUyLexKMjRZylXmeBGNwLTxv9Rd-QpRHGORBvbs3WWxMCbbr08Kl_JAWkZ12AI=w330-h220-rw
The archway between living and dining rooms is not really 'ornate' but in a newer 'Craftsman' design, while the ornate fireplace has pride of place.
  • Originally these features would have been in natural timber, not painted while the pale paint scheme used is quite typical of the Edwardian period. Originally the lighting would have been gaslight.
    external image UvFZLnI-lMOSnxnyef91N-OQPFKnCFj5oDFbgcb4ZUa0DYwom4XVrdV-BETDmip8APmgAdo_bVefGySeYbI=w329-h220-rw external image VZTp_mmP_3lf9xIFP8Dua5jx_Tk-BUHUPSchXkiamisXUZ5eVZ4MLE3ZjP8FmTa8o8WpdUWTtfeyf2Soktg=w330-h220-rwexternal image O4Prkm-gENCKuneotQeIPlWQTvTWDCaC0-f5jLoRyEOnFpi-KaefgMtBSOvX90XuniR_FL_GgUWMwjj7cmM=w329-h220-rw external image v95LkdkvaX3-_x1wLS-8Dym-FMF2x19aw2FjAa09d7yaXERtB1c2PiAdR-wvr3ePD0e8r8QeLiiHpR-OMcE=w330-h220-rw

44 National Circuit Forrest ACT 2603

Originally constructed in 1926 for the Australian Surveyor General, and overseen by the Melbourne architectural firm Oakley & Parkes (whose works included "The Canberra Lodge"), this home forms part of a limited number of properties constructed under the keen direction of Kenneth Oliphant.
  • The style is of an Arts and Crafts Bungalow, with exposed rafters and a ground-hugging design.
44 National Circuit Forrest ACT 2603
44 National Circuit Forrest ACT 2603

These homes were the pinnacle of their time, grand in nature and situated in tree-lined streets filled with Canberra’s unique birdlife.

  • Magnificent gardens slowly started to form, complementing the facades and adding a colourful element that would be famous for years to come.
  • Located in the central part of the new Australian capital, these public servants’ houses promised a luxurious lifestyle to match their grandiose residences. From the beginning, the suburb of Blandfordia was bound to be a classic.
  • Throughout the grounds, majestic trees stand as timely reminders of the history of this family residence, also offering a place to call home to many of Canberra's unique birdlife.
    external image G4oToW5r7lj54lTmpdJTrUCarKUiNbo-sig4vAFY1goLX28PevuGvOeKj__6ecaAeUqqN8cBqQYroyRQjHE=w331-h220-rw external image -3HApbGTb_ss1wqWz0snI05KyqdOCgjSKqrgzSWjTSRTTiHqHTVvYss0tUqZiIe1XnCztolivkYcQGoBMNA=w331-h220-rw
  • The large jarrah kitchen, with its island bench is fully equipped with exceptional storage space, bench-top areas, brand new stainless steel appliances, and generous pantry.
    external image FpVRCyQ-HlykjVfYXjcEVT2-YPvs403VjC2VqhIzbuKIIjK2vImy-dFuYf_Y4nJ_E3ZJrrpWCe2f-NcOQ5E=w331-h220-rw external image bpROUaNxn2H266hV6QtCRZgVWUA2Hze6auToawcW6x5JHofVKhj-rPzg3cmgD1U6EpPF34DKWl5R-qBcp-U=w331-h220-rw
  • The neutral colours and timber trim work well with the Tasmanian polished hardwood flooring flowing throughout and into spacious family and meals areas.
    Wooden floorboards are still used in the Bungalow style
    Wooden floorboards are still used in the Bungalow style
    external image VJZAGTsbFnlKxetCbQX3QfLSFkdrTLOAwMQ7geYdGap-bNBH-osm-6lxoweQV5hoGFPg7P950W0_W-F0AjQ=w331-h220-rw external image S9MgytPu8TueQRyyZlw_m19EHkpNEOyJRt5ZoQCT19SmT56BcLsLAalHTo8paATb4LbCINIrbtjAsqGHtRo=w331-h220-rw

37 Stopford Road, Hove SA 5048

Full of all the character features associated with a bungalow (with 'Dutch' gables); the large formal lounge is located centrally in the home and features beautiful ornate dome ceilings, luscious cornices with open fireplace.
37 Stopford Road, Hove SA 5048
37 Stopford Road, Hove SA 5048
The window and door trim echoes the 'bungalow' flattened gable style
The window and door trim echoes the 'bungalow' flattened gable style

  • It is the original period timber furniture which lifts the style of this bungalow
    external image m0u0zfcp6dfDKOEjiRE-5msdrBtWvKaNF0Sgkmjn85IO9vIq_deq49apv5YCxt773i44YZjo6NUoEHbI0mg=w330-h220-rw external image GWeMIN3V0PEy-qg1lkBGzMfrFQ6mQbL78dZ0PUN9XGYVQXXlSbdreTZgDMdlvNL7icVOVZjtAUAv5rLo0lo=w330-h220-rw
    external image ddJslyoMk3HiQQMy-oF8tiggTfrfAD9q_FFwtzf4Vzs3-9EHTrzsuAm9nyvQVmM6wVJgfI9a93tVmlTx36M=w330-h220-rw external image G8mHfUJJcf5n63IXqbwtGUMSpybncIiDszccdDaDExOfgA3ctJhkLAmaUG0ripQW1fAuBQNLvm3juJg6BkI=w330-h220-rw