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Ithica, Bathurst NSW

Bathurst landmark, Ithica

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247 Bentinck Street, Bathurst NSW 2795

For sale $875,000+ Construction year: 1897

external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%2520main.jpg

Ithaca forms a very impressive group of Federation houses, with this being the most outstanding, addressing a corner site opposite Centennial Park, Bathurst NSW..

external image 2013_2045356.jpg

This house was built in 1897 as a wedding gift for Dorothea Gillkrest by her mother. It was designed by the then young local architect John Job Copeman.
  • A large two storey Federation Queen Anne house of face brick under a terracotta tiled roof.
  • A symmetrical octagonal corner tower, two storey timber verandahs with turned posts and elaborate timber balustrade and frieze terminated by projecting gabled wings.
  • Half timbered effect to gables.

external image Map%2520255%2520Bentinck%2520St%252C%2520Bathurst.jpg

A prominent and well detailed Edwardian house which is well designed for its corner site.
external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%2520image9.jpg
  • Expresses the prosperity and optimism of late 19th- 20th century Bathurst and is a local landmark.
  • Together with Street Numbers 229, 253 and 255, forms a group of interesting Edwardian houses (including large trees).
    external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%2520image3.jpg
  • Architect John Job Copeman studied at the local technical school and his first architectural commission was for the School of Arts Hall at Rockley in 1890. He practiced architecture at Bathurst until about 1914 and was considered to be the district’s leading architect. There are more than thirty houses designed by Mr Copeman still standing in Bathurst and others as far away as Corwa, Cumnock and Orange.
    external image 2013_2650793.jpg
  • Mother Elizabeth Gillkrest died in November 1902 at her daughter’s residence. Towards the end of 1904 Ithaca was sold to Thomas Henry Richards and early in 1905 Mr and Mrs Toovey moved to Tasmania.
    external image 2013_6319999.jpg
  • Between 1878 and 1886 Mr Richards was the assistant headmaster at All Saints College. He probably only lived at 247 Bentinck Street for a couple of years before moving first to Lawson, then Strathfield and later to Vaucluse. Mr Richards died in June 1913 but his wife, Edith, owned Ithaca until November 1918 when he sold it to Emily Mabel Gornall.
    external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%25202795%2520image10.jpg
  • From 1907 until the time it was sold to Mrs Gornall, the house was leased to James S Robertson, a dentist. It is probable that Mr Robertson moved from this house and Mrs Gornall occupied it until June 1922 when it was sold to Henry Owens.

external image 2013_2878846.jpg

The house allotment was originally held in two parcels of land. One had a frontage of 100 feet to Bentinck Street with a side boundary of 200 feet along Rocket Street.
external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%25202795%2520image11.jpg

  • The house stands on this parcel, which was sold separately by Mr Owens to V McFarland in October 1937. Subsequent owners of the house have included F M Pratley, P B & B M Kenny and A & J E Bonic.
    external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%2520image4.jpg
  • Francis Pratley died on 27 September 1963 and his estate sold the house to Mr and Mrs Kenny in June 1964. Mr and Mrs Bonic brought the house in May 1969 for $18,750. At the time of this sale, the house allotment had been reduced to a 90 feet frontage with a depth of 145 feet. 
    external image 2013_5447350.jpg

Historical Prices:

  • March 2014 POA
  • March 2014 $875,000
  • June 2013 $990,000
  • April 2013 $990,000

external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%25202795%2520image13.jpg

ITHICA: This heritage listed family home built in 1897 comprises 4 bedrooms, spacious living areas, study and the original coach house which now offers self contained accommodation, perfect as a teenager/parents retreat.
external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%25202795%2520image15.jpg

Heritage listed:

Forms a very impressive group of Federation houses, with this being the most outstanding addressing a corner site.

external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%25202795%2520image22.jpg
external image 1080008b2.jpgexternal image 1080008b1.jpg
Ithica for Bathurst Regional CouncilImages by: Hughes Trueman Ludlowfor Bathurst Regional Council

external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%2520image6.jpgexternal image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%2520image7.jpg


external image 247%2520Bentinck%2520Street%2520Bathurst%2520NSW%2520image10.jpg

Federation Specialists

A page for establishing contact with Federation designers, architects and builders

Your comments or suggestions are very welcome, click the discussion button above
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external image HABERFIELD3.jpgexternal image poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_2.jpgexternal image 6f8009a5e68fe1d24ab8021b1491b03c.jpg
Federation dwelling in HaberfieldPoco designs: Cranbrook lane 2Yarrangobilly Caves House,
Kosciuszko National Park.
This page is a work in progress

Table of Contents

  • Please note that inclusion in this directory is not a recommendation or endorsement of any specialists' professional qualifications, skills or experience, or ability to meet your project requirements.
  • Users of this information must make their own assessment of the abilities of a selected business or sole trader to carry out the desired work in a professional manner.

Federation designers

external image love2.jpg

Coco Republic, designer Natasha Levak:
Coco Republic's senior designer Natasha Levak takes a sophisticated approach to interior design

Edwardian Home, Federation Homes, Melbourne‎
At Timeless Interiors we have experience crafting quality designs for finished ... The style know as California Bungalow was popular in Australia from 1910-1940.

Federation House Designer
Our clients wanted a large Federation-style home for contemporary living, and designing a three-storey home to appear single-storey from the street

Federation Revivial by Hare & Klein

Building designer Linda James; landscape designer Peter Fudge and Dimity Chitty, senior designer from Hare & Klein
external image image coco-republic_fieldnotes_hareklein.com_.au_1-175x146.jpgexternal image coco-republic_fieldnotes_Mosman_House_photographer-Anson-Smart_11-175x146.jpg

Hare & Klein's Mosman House
photographer Anson Smart

external image coco-republic_fieldnotes_H1_Mosman_House_photographer-Anson-Smart_21-175x146.jpgexternal image coco-republic_fieldnotes_H2_Mosman_House_photographer-Anson-Smart_41-175x146.jpgexternal image coco-republic_fieldnotes_Mosman_House_photographer-Anson-Smart_31-175x146.jpg

Jackson Stepowski Heritage Consultants

11 Forrest St, Haberfield NSW 2045
Susan Jackson-Stepowski is a Sydney heritage consultant and secretary of Australia ICOMOS

Peter Fudge‎Contemporary and classic landscape design for Australian domestic gardens.
external image PF_1.jpg&h=140&w=250&zc=1external image PF_11.jpg&h=140&w=250&zc=1

POCO Designs‎
Established in August 2009, POCO Designs is a creative team who focus on bringing to life the styles, passions and imaginations of their clients.
Cranbrook Lane, Bellevue Hill1910 Federation House
external image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_9.jpgexternal image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_7.jpgexternal image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_8.jpg
external image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_3.jpgexternal image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_4.jpgexternal image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_5.jpg
external image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_12.jpgexternal image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_11.jpgexternal image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_10.jpg
external image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_2.jpgexternal image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_6.jpgexternal image thumbs_poco_designs_cranbrook-lane_1.jpg

William //Dangar// and Associates‎
Sydney based landscape designer William Dangar has made a name for himself designing gardens for some of the most remarkable homes
external image fieldnotes-cocorepublic_williamdangar.com_.au_17-175x146.jpgexternal image fieldnotes-cocorepublic_1.bp_.blogspot.com_7-175x146.jpgexternal image House-6-x-12-150x150.jpg
external image 01-0146-150x150.jpgexternal image 02-0-176-1-150x150.jpgexternal image Banksia-and-lomandra-150x150.jpg

Federation architects

Andrew Burns Architects Burns Architects Sydney Australia. ... Haberfield House ... project involved sensitive restorations and additions to a federation dwelling in Haberfield.
external image HABERFIELD1.jpg

external image HABERFIELD3.jpg

external image HABERFIELD4.jpgexternal image HABERFIELD6.jpg

Clive Lucas Stapleton & Partners, Architects & Heritage Consultants‎
Architects for historic buildings and other important places.

Heritage - Cracknell & Lonergan Architects—About‎
Cracknell & Lonergan ArchitectsArchitecture, Interior Design, Heritage ... Our practice is listed as Heritage Architects with the NSW Heritage Office.
Ocean Street

external image ocean_01_long.jpgexternal image ocean_03_long.jpgexternal image ocean_08_long.jpgexternal image ocean_02_long.jpg
external image ocean_07_long.jpgexternal image ocean_09_long.jpgexternal image ocean_10_long.jpgexternal image ocean_11_long.jpg

Dawbin Architects, Heritage Consultancy and Architectural‎
Associate of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects; NSW Registered Architect No 3723. Bruce Dawbin
Alterations and additionsexternal image greenwich1.jpg- Heritage house, Greenwichexternal image greenwich2.jpg

Design 5 - Architects‎
Design 5 – Architects Pty Ltd. Letizia Coppo-Jones (outstanding contribution to the conservation of our built heritage.)

Diment AM Philip Architect

Architecture, Heritage & Conservation, Commercial, Development Approvals, Extensions, New Homes, Project Management, Residential, Sustainable Design, Tender, Building Designer

Filmer Architects

www.**filmerarchitects** Design. Landscape. Contact Us. Architecture. 115a Ramsay St HABERFIELD NSW 204
Yarrangobilly Caves House, Kosciuszko National Park.
Yarrangobilly Caves House, Kosciuszko National Park.

Heritage Conservation Architecture - Orwell & Peter Phillips Sydney‎
Orwell & Peter Phillips heritage and conservation architecture: historical research and ... management planning and assessment in Sydney and country NSW.

Heritage Consultants, Conservation Architects and Heritage‎
Paul Rappoport - in 30 Google+ circles
Heritage Consultants, Conservation Architects and Heritage Planners in Sydney; Heritage advices and reports from industry expert inAustralia;

HLCD Pty Ltd - Conservation Architects, Urban Designers‎
Home page for HLCD Pty Ltd, a consultancy operating in Victoria, Australia.

Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects Pty Ltd‎

John Taylor Architect

John is a registered architect in Western Australia, and with significant ... chaired the RAIA Heritage Committee, and is a sitting member of the Architects Board 

LOVELL CHEN - Architects & Heritage Consultants‎
Lovell Chen Pty Ltd Level 5, 176 Wellington Pde East Melbourne 3002
external image superintendentsHouse_313.jpgexternal image tribeca_298.jpg
Medical Superintendent's house at the formerPoint Nepean Quarantine Station in VictoriaTRIBECA, Victoria Parade, Melbourne

Luigi Rosselli Architects‎2013 Randwick Coucil Design Awards – Residential Heritage – Runner up. ... 2009Australian Institute of Architects Heritage ArchitectureAward June 2009

Manfredini McCrae Architects Fairlight!about/c1enr‎
Northern Beaches and North Shore residential and heritage specialists.Renovate home and life ... Secretary of the Australian ArchitectureAssociation 2009-10.

OCP ARCHITECTS - Award Winning Architects and Heritage‎
OCP Architects PL is committed to excellence and this is reflected in our attention to detail. Awards. 2010. Energy Australia National TrustHeritage Awards
Sir Donald Bradman’s boyhood home, Bowral.
Sir Donald Bradman’s boyhood home, Bowral.

PFCA+P | Conservation Architects & Planners. Canberra + Moruya‎
Peter Freeman has been the principal of a dedicated conservation practice for over twenty five years; firstly as Peter Freeman Architect

Robert Staas - NBRS+PARTNERS‎
He received his Bachelor of Architecture from the NSW Institute of Technology in ... He is a director at NBRS+PARTNERS leading a team of heritage specialists.

Tropman & Tropman Architects‎
Tropman & Tropman Architects is a Sydney-based firm recognised as ... in national and international architecture, urban design, exhibition design and heritage ... a diversity of notable and prominent projects throughout Australia and overseas.

Zoe Geyer Architect:

Renovation: Queen Anne makes a stimulating connection

external image pemelbex1.jpg
east melbourne house
queen bess row
This Heritage listed building was constructed in 1886 by renowned local architects Tappin Gilbert and Dennehy, in the weatlh of the gold rush.

Now three separate dwellings, this adaptable building has accommodated a Temperance Hotel, doss house, and brothel in past lives.

Designed with forethought for technological improvements such as flushing toilets, the unusual and individual features of the house are referenced and carefully preserved in these design alterations.

Bold: High Victorian features such as the thick brick walls and sweeping staircase are joined by contemporary conveniences such as a lift and new bathrooms.
Photos: Dianna Snape.

Federation builders

B & G Cole : Custom design, period, Federation & Victorian style‎
B&G Cole quality builders, specialise in period, federation, victorian and classical style homes and custom built homes of distinction in Melbourne.

Blackwoods Construction & Maintenance PTY LTD‎
Google+ page · 66 Carinda Dr, Glenhaven NSW 2156

Federation Homes‎
Federation Homes source only the highest quality materials and employ friendly ... Federation Homes have been the leaders in the designreproduction housing

Federation Home Builders Melbourne | C&J Designer Homes**federation**-home-builders-melbourne‎
Looking for Federation home builders in Melbourne? C&J Designer Homes have built a reputation for high quality work. Call us on (03) 9830 2255 today.

Futurepast Heritage - Expert heritage advice & solutions‎‎
Full range of heritage services.
u302/166 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW

Harkaway Homes - Classic Victorian and Federation Verandah‎
... homes including the Classic Victorian & Early Federation Verendah homes. ... Our homes are designed to express individuality to be a pleasure to live in.

Sydney Builders | //Heritage// & period property //specialists// | MDG
Heritage and period homes have a special charm. That's why renovating and extending a character home is highly specialised area.

Federation Suppliers

Combined Roofing Solutions: Roofing Installation Sydney‎
Combined Roofing Solutions is a Sydney based Roofing Company focused on providing a premium service through the supply of the highest quality materials

Covemore Designs Australia:‎
Covemore Designs Australia has built its reputation on quality, attention to fine detail and reliability. With over 75 years of collective knowledge in cabinet making

Heritage Stonemasonry‎
DRP Stonemasonry is one of Sydney's most respected and well known heritage restoration companies. Established in 1992

Checking stonework at Central Station
Checking stonework at Central Station
Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery of NSW
Darlinghurst Courthouse
Darlinghurst Courthouse

Heritage services

AusHeritage: NSW Government Architect's Office‎
The NSW Government Architect's Office Heritage Group is a dedicated team of specialists providing a wide range of heritage conservation consultancy services

GML Partners | Godden Mackay Logan‎
Sheridan was formerly the Senior Curator, Manager Property Operations, at the Historic Houses Trust of NSW and a senior policyspecialist with the Heritage 

Heritage Advisory Services Handbook - Department of Planning Advisory Services Handbook a guide for Government. The main goal of a heritage advisory service is to assist local and state governments and the community in managing and conserving local heritage.

Heritage Grants - 2014 Government Grants Available‎ - putting you in contact with W.A. heritage specialists

Small grants for emergency works projects

Project purpose: To provide funding for emergency works projects for NSW State Heritage Register-listed items or items with a current Interim Heritage Order made by the NSW Minister for Heritage

Who can apply

  • Owners and managers of State Heritage Register-listed items and items with a current Interim Heritage Order made by the Minister for Heritage
  • grants of $10,000
  • minimum project value $10,000 excluding GST.