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Coogee Federation Heritage Walk

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external image 370%20Alison%20Road%2C%20Coogee%2C%20NSW%20main.jpg
370 Alison Road, Coogee
external image Cliffbrook%20House%20Beach%20Road%20Coogee%20walk%20044-tn.jpg
Cliffbrook House
external image 39%20Beach%20Road%20Federation%20glass%20Coogee%20walk%20042-tn.jpg
39 Beach StreetFederation Glass
external image 4%20Gordon%20Avenue%20from%20Beach%20Road%20Coogee%20walk%20049-tn.jpg
4 Gordon Avenue
external image 48%20Beach%20Road%20Coogee%20walk%20040-tn.jpg
48 Beach Street Coogee
external image Beach%20Road%20Federation%20Streetscape%20Coogee%20walk%20043-tn.jpg

Beach Street Federation
external image 95%20Beach%20Road%20Coogee%20walk%20056-TN.jpg
95 Beach Street Coogee
external image 113%20Brook%20Street%2C%20Coogee%20%20Walk%203%20012-small.jpg
113 Brook Street, Coogee
external image 123%20Brook%20Street.%20cnr%20Carr%20Street%2C%20Coogee%20Walk%203%20014-small.jpg
123 Brook Street.
external image 2-4%20Gordon%20Avenue%20Coogee%20walk%20050-TN.jpg

2-4 Gordon Ave Coogee
external image 69%20Beach%20Road%20Coogee%20walk%20052-TN.jpg
69 Beach Street Coogee
external image 127%20Brook%20Street.%20cnr%20Carr%20Street%2C%20Coogee%20Walk%203%20016-small.jpg
127 Brook Street. cnr Carr

FeatureTour starts:
Stop 1


1. 'Ocean View' 121-127 Arden Street

1. 370 Alison Road Coogee 
Get directionsexternal image 800px-Ocean_View%2C_121-127_Arden_Street_Coogee_NSW.jpg

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121-127 Arden Street or 370 Alison Road, is a Landmark corner of Alison Rd and Arden St

'Ocean View' 370 Alison Road Huge Federation style mansion. 'Ocean View' Grand Landmark Family Home - Estate of M. M. Wirth "Wirth Circus"
Federation Bungalow stylemansion.

Built in 1916 as a family home for Philip Wirth, founder of the famous Wirth's Circus.
Stop 2
“Cliffbrook” 45 Beach Street Coogee
Cliffbrook House 45 Beach Street Coogee NSW

external image 800px-Cliffbrook_House_Beach_Road_Coogee_NSW.jpg

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2. “Cliffbrook” 45 Beach StreetCoogee

Now owned by the University Of New South Wales and the location of Redfern Legal Centre Publishing and UNSW Press among other agencies of the University.
“Cliffbrook” is located on the site of the stables of the original “Cliffbrook”. The original building stood in nearby Gordon Avenue until it was demolished in 1976. New “Cliffbrook” was designed by architect, John Kirkpatrick and
built in 1921 by Sir Denison Miller,
first Governor of the Commonwealth Bank.
EdwardianFree Classical style house

This is more English without much Australian influence.
Stop 3

39 Beach Street Clovelly NSW
39 Beach Street Federation glass screenexternal image 800px-Beach_Street_Federation_glass_Coogee_NSW.jpg
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An almost unique glass design characteristic of Federation style, used to screen for privacy and against the cold southerly winds.
These coloured glass screens are usually made of panes of same-sized pieces of glass, each a different colour. However this design is quite different, more artistic and interesting.
Federation Queen Anne
Stop 4
Next to Cliffbrook House in Beach Street

Federation Arts and Crafts Houses at 2-4 Gordon Ave Coogee NSWexternal image 800px-2-4_Gordon_Ave_Coogee_NSW.jpg
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Two very good two storey Federation houses in Arts and Craft style built after 1915.
Steep pitched gabled roofs and steep pitched, front gable over attics. Shingled roofs reflects Arts and Crafts influence.
2 Gordon Avenue has Tudor style timbering on front gable feature. Recessed centre porch. Bay windows at side. Sympathetic garage. Spoiled by high brick fence. Otherwise appears more or less original.
Federation Arts and Crafts
Rear view of Arts and Crafts houses at
2-4 Gordon Ave Coogee NSW
4 Gordon Avenue Beach Street view, Coogee NSW, showing unsympathetic office and garage addition on Beach Street
4 Gordon Avenue Beach Street view, Coogee NSW, showing unsympathetic office and garage addition on Beach Street
Rear view of Arts and Crafts houses at
2-4 Gordon Ave Coogee NSW
2 Gordon Avenue from Beach Street
2 Gordon Avenue from Beach Street
Stop 5
Beach Street Federation Streetscape Coogee NSW

external image 800px-Beach_Street_Federation_Streetscape_Coogee_NSW.jpg
Excellent Art Nouveau inspired timber verandah frieze at 48 Beach Street Coogee NSW
Excellent Art Nouveau inspired timber verandah frieze at 48 Beach Street Coogee NSW
Stop 6

3. 69 Beach Street Coogee

external image 69%2520Beach%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520walk%2520052-small.jpg

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. Appeared in Sands Directory in late 1920’s.
  • Steep main roof continues down over verandah in true Federation Bungalow style.
  • Decoration generally restrained with considerable charm derived from simplicity.
  • Stone fence also, all in very good condition. [2]
  • Features large first storey area with its own porch and gable above, with stylish window mullions
"Warrimoo” 1920's Federation Arts and Craftsstyle with visible rafter ends under the eaves
Stop 7

4. 95 Beach Street Coogee, Apartments

external image 95%2520Beach%2520Road%2520Coogee%2520walk%2520056-TN.jpg
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  • The green-coloured metal work probably indicates enclosed former balconies. (Any earlier pictures?)
  • Real estate agents describe this 1920's building as Art Deco, but it has Arts and Crafts influences, such as odd-sized windows facing north.
  • The narrow windows are typically Edwardian, the small window groups are Arts and Crafts style.
  • The tuck-pointed exterior is charming.
Inter-War apartment block in Edwardianand Art Deco style.
Stop 8

5. 'Roslyn' 29 Arcadia Street, Coogee

external image 788px-%E2%80%9CROSLYN%E2%80%9D_29_Arcadia_Street_Coogee_NSW.jpgGet directions
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Magnificent two storey 'Boom Style' mansion. Well maintained. Hardly altered except for concrete roof tiles and minor changes. 
  • Faces towards ocean not street. Symmetrical front. Timber decoration of small gable is outstanding.
  • Erected about 1886 for Charles Thomas Saxon, a timber merchant.
  • Owner Mr V. A. McCauley subdivided the land in front of “Roslyn” and eliminated the grand entrance.
Victorian 'Boom' style' 

“Roslyn” is usually described as Italianate, but is not as ornate, and the gable is not Italianate but Gothic.
Stop 9

6. 'Smithfield Grange' 88 Brook Street, Coogee

external image 800px-Smithfield_Grange_Brook_Street_Coogee_NSW.jpg
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  • Magnificent Italianate mansion, built about 1883 by John Starkey a famous soft drink manufacturer.
  • Starkey was also an Alderman on Randwick Council. The solid Victorian mansion with its eastern tower has long been converted into flats.
  • Basic L-shaped plan with large bay on projection.
  • Flanked by large square tower over central entry porch, which is the outstanding feature.
  • Elaborate mouldings retained on chimneys, tower and bay.
Victorian ItalianateMansion
Stop 10

7. 90-100 Brook Street Coogee

90-92 Brook Street Coogee NSW
90-92 Brook Street Coogee NSW
90-92 Brook Street Coogee NSW

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  • Group of two storey Edwardian style semis, c. 1915
  • Despite alterations basic form is retained which has resulted in an attractive streetscape.
    external image 104%20Brook%20Street%20Coogee%20Walk%202%20012-small.jpg
104 Brook Street Coogee
Federation style two-storey semi-detached row of houses

external image 92-94%20Dudley%20Street%20Coogee%20Walk%202%20013-small.jpg
92-94 Dudley Street Coogee
Stop 11

8. 113 Brook Street Coogee

external image 113%2520Brook%2520Street%252C%2520Coogee%2520%2520Walk%25203%2520012-small.jpg
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  • Excellent Federation style house. Almost intact and immaculately maintained with Art Nouveau decoration
  • Complex roof form with small flying gables on each side, over bay windows. Additional gablet over centre of front verandah.
  • Slate roof with terra cotta ridge capping.
  • Outstanding timber decoration on gables, gablet and verandah.
  • Good front fence. Good leadlight above windows and around door. Attractive front garden area.
Federation Queen Anne Stylehouse
Stop 12

9. 115-117 Brook Street Coogee

external image 117%2520Brook%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520010-small.jpg
(10 meters South)
  • Both have verandah post brackets similar to those of 'Ocean View' (Wirth House, Stop 1) indicating they were built after 1916.
  • Chimney stacks are more characteristic of simple bungalow style (compared to chimney at 113 Brook Street)
Federation Bungalow Semi-detached cottages
Stop 13

10. 123 Brook Street Coogee

external image 123%2520Brook%2520Street.%2520cnr%2520Carr%2520Street%252C%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520014-small.jpg
123 Brook Street. Anglican Rectory

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  • Two storey Federation residence in Queen Anne style, handsomely decorated, even the chimney!
  • The foundation stone was laid by Rt Rev William Saumarez-Smith on 7th December 1907.
  • The St Nicholas' Anglican Rectory was first occupied in May 1908 by Rev William Greenwood and family
Federation Queen Annestyle
Stop 14

11.127 Brook Street. cnr Carr Street, Coogee

external image 127%2520Brook%2520Street.%2520cnr%2520Carr%2520Street%252C%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520016-small.jpg

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  • Two handsome semi-detached two storey Federation Queen Anne houses
  • 127 is looking very presentable
Federation Queen Annestyle
Stop 15

12. 26-28 Carr Street, South Coogee

external image 26-28%2520Carr%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520017small.jpg

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Federation Streetscape in Carr StreetFederation Queen Annestyle
Stop 16

13. 48 Carr Street, South Coogee

external image 20246488_01_l.jpg

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48 Carr Street, South Coogee
Federation Arts and Crafts style two-storey house with symmetrical frontage, roughcast walls, tapering chimneys and typical garden with featured palm trees.
  • Enclosed balconies and shingled walls, and typical Federation exposed rafters are visible under the eaves.
  • Internally has marble fireplaces and some leadlight glass windows.
Federation Arts and Crafts style

Break for Coffee, Tea or Swim

  • Coogee Bay Road is a tourist mecca
  • Good snacks and coffee on the beach
  • Banana Palm, for a good meal:
    260 Arden StCoogeeRandwickNew South Wales 2034

  • Coffee at Cafe 143 at 254 Arden Street or
  • DJ's espresso bar
  • Eat at Barzura 62 Carr Street, or
  • just have an ice-cream on the beach

Stop 17

14. 146 Beach Street Coogee

external image 146%2520Beach%2520Street%2520South%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520005-SMALL.jpg

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146-152 Beach Street, Coogee
  • Three apartment buildings, three different styles
  • Left to right:
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Federation
  • Art Deco

15. 154 Beach Street, Coogee

external image The%2520Warwick%2520Apartments%2520154%2520Beach%2520Street%2520South%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520004-SMALL.jpg
Next door to above apartment buildingsThe Warwick Apartments, 154 Beach Street, Coogee
  • grand Art Decoapartment block
    external image icon_slideshowLarge.gif 
    Impressive four storey flat building. 1930’s style in dark brick.
  • Downstairs shop fronts incorporate translucent glazing. Outstanding bays above central entry with leadlight and
    limited mouldings.
    Enhanced by recessed balconies on each side with rounded balustrades.
    Decorative rendered parapet.
    An attractive building and a good example of its period.
Art Deco style
Stop 18

16. 166-168 Beach Street South Coogee===external image 166-168%2520Beach%2520Street%2520South%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520007-small.jpg===
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  • Two Federation Queen Anne attached cottages
Federation Queen Anne
external image 164-176%2520Beach%2520Street%2520South%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520006-small.jpg'Renovation Row' 168-176 Beach Street South Coogee
  • Row of handsome Federation semi-detached two-storey beach frontage houses, with some renovated unsympathetically.
  • Most have verandah friezes in Queen Anne, or Art Nouveau style. One of these is believed to have been owned by the Mel Gibson family.

Federation Queen Anne
Stop 19

17. 'Verona' 340 Arden Street Coogee(Landmark)

external image 340%2520Arden%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520041-small.jpg

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Grand Federation style corner house,built about 1915. Specially designed for corner site with verandah on two sides and feature corner bay window.*
  • Bay has gablet above verandah roof. Complex slate roof.
  • Main gable on Arden Street features shingling which continues down over window hood.
  • Bay window below features coloured glass panes.
  • Timber verandahposts on brick piers without balustrade.
  • Arched, solid timber valence with minor fretwork
  • Recent maintenance has restored house to original state
  • Showing Queen Anne influence in picturesque treatment of the roof.
Federation Queen Anne
Next door:
342 Arden Street Coogee
Gothic Queen Anne converted to attached residences, with dormer renovation.
external image 342%2520Arden%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520043-small.jpg

Over the road:
external image 341-343%20Arden%20Street%20Coogee%20Walk%203%20048-small.jpg341-343 Arden Street
349 Arden Street Coogee
349 Arden Street Coogee
Federation Queen Anne
Stop 20

230 Oberon Street Coogeeexternal image 230%2520Oberon%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520039-small.jpg
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Altered Federation house showing original slate roof with rare patterned slate tiles.Federation Queen Anne
Stop 21

18. 215 Oberon Street South Coogee

external image 215%2520Oberon%2520Street%2520leadlight%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520037-small.jpg
215 Oberon Street Coogee: leadlights

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Excellent Federation Bungalow with beautiful leadlight glass windows.
Streetview 215 Oberon Street
Streetview 215 Oberon Street
Federation Bungalow
Stop 22

19. 127 Brook Street. cnr Carr Street, Coogee

File:127 Brook Street. cnr Carr Street, Coogee NSW.jpg
File:127 Brook Street. cnr Carr Street, Coogee NSW.jpg

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  • Walk down the sloping Brook Street and observe the Federation houses on the high side of Dudley Street,
  • then the Federation Bungalows on the low side of Dudley Street.
  • The really energetic could walk up the Bay Street footway for a view from the hill to the sea.
Federation Queen Anne
Stop 23

20. 18 Carr Street Coogee (Landmark)

external image 18%2520Carr%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520003-small.jpg

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This is an adorable house, a Queen Anne style Federation mansion in the 'sock-it-to-me' original red-brick colour, even to the fence.
  • Take some time to walk around the house, it is a landmark, no doubt about it.
  • The roofline is very picturesque and every type of window is featured, even 'Arts and Crafts' spy-windows in the top gable, looking West up Carr Street.
Federation Queen Anne
Stop 24

21. 19-21 Berwick Street Coogeeexternal image 19-21%2520Berwick%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520022-small.jpg
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This is a bit of a hairpin walk but at the end of this cul-de-sac is a remarkable house, now divided into apartments, with very fine detailing.
  • Sandstone foundations
  • roughcast rendered walls
  • prominent external rafter ends
  • Tudor gable decoration
  • Shingled main gable decoration
Federation Arts and Crafts style
Stop 25

22. 21 Carr Street Coogee

(location of Coogee Medical Centre)
Corner of Carr and Mount Streets


And visit 
15 Carr Street, Coogee (cnr. Carr Lane)Fully reconstructed Federation style house, c. 1920.

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Almost intact Late Victorian house, c. 1890. Corner design.
  • Traditional L-shape gable. Verandah on both frontages.
  • Steep pitched slate roof with bullnosed corrugated iron verandah.
  • Outstanding detail includes terra cotta ridge capping, cast iron verandah posts with lace brackets and fringes, mouldings on bay, timber decoration and pressed metal on gables (both frontages)
  • original tiling on path and verandah, and Art Nouveau leadlight glazing.
  • Palisade fence is also outstanding with solid gate posts.
Victorian house with bay window
Stop 26

23. 39-41 Byron Street Coogee

external image 39-41%2520Byron%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520032-small.jpg

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Delightful pair of Federation semi-detached houses in Art Nouveau styleFederation Bungalow
Stop 27
Higgs Street Heritage Area

24. 7 Thomas Street Coogee

external image 7%2520Thomas%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520064-small.jpg

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One of a varied but complementary group ofgrand early twentieth century houses:Large Bungalow style house with charming features including:
  • large circular bay below main gable (in pebbledash pattern) and
  • arched porch entry with its own gablet.
  • Find detailing throughout, especially original tiles on front steps.
  • House set well back on elevated site with attractive lawn and garden area.
Federation Bungalow

24. 1 Thomas Street Coogee

external image 1%2520Thomas%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520walk%2520078-small.jpg

A beautiful house, spoiled recently by the erection of a granny flat in the garden.Federation Queen Anne

25. 8 Higgs Street Coogee

external image 8%2520Higgs%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520068-small.jpg

"St Ives" ca.1900.
prominently situated on the hilltop above Coogee Beach allowing both parkland and ocean views.
  • Every bit as beautiful on the inside, with timber floors, high ornate ceilings, huge rooms, several fireplaces, all complemented by practical modern finishes and full of natural light.
  • Sprawling landscaped gardens ensure total privacy
Federation Queen Anne
26. 10-12 Higgs Street Coogee
external image 10-12%2520Higgs%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520walk%2520083-small.jpg

  • A large Federation home now divided into two attached homes.
Federation Queen Anne
Stop 28
Dudley Street Conservation Area

27. 36 Dudley Street Coogee

external image 36%2520Dudley%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520walk%2520079-small.jpg

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34 Dudley Street Coogee
external image 32-34%2520Dudley%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25203%2520071-small.jpg
Federation Arts and Crafts style
Federation Queen Annestyle

28. 32 Dudley Street Coogee

external image 32%2520Dudley%2520Street%2520South%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520024-small.jpg

26 Dudley Street Coogee
external image 26%2520Dudley%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520022-small.jpg
24 Dudley Street Coogee
external image 24%2520Dudley%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520019-small.jpg
Federation Bungalow

29. 22 Dudley Street Coogee

external image 22%2520Dudley%2520Street%2520South%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520016-small.jpg

20 Dudley Street Coogee
external image 20%2520Dudley%2520Street%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520030-smalll.jpg
16 Dudley Street Coogee
external image 16%2520Dudley%2520Street%2520South%2520Coogee%2520Walk%25202%2520014-small.jpg
Federation Queen Annestyle
Federation Queen Annestyle
Stop 29.

30. “Calvinia” 87 Coogee Bay Road
external image 3319831_01_x.jpg

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“Calvinia” is an outstanding two-storey Federation style house on an elevated corner site. Very well maintained. 
  • Little altered except for reasonably sympathetic balcony enclosure. Complex plan and roof form. Verandah across front and around to Carrington Road side of special note are prominent gabled projections on front and side.
  • Strong Arts and Crafts influence. Main roof is slate with terra cotta tiled verandah. Decorative use of roughcast, stone, timber and shingling.
  • Verandah supported by slender classical columns on brick piers. Exposed rafter eaves. Decorative pediment on portico styled section of verandah. Contribution to streetscape at this key intersection is considerable.
Federation Queen Annestyle
Stop 30.

31. 165-167 Coogee Bay Road

external image 9474B0DF-C778-21B5-0FA2C0F79306AAF4_m.jpg
external image 9474B0DF-C778-21B5-0FA2C0F79306AAF4_m.jpg

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Outstanding Federation semi, c. 1910. 
  • Complex roof form. Symmetrical with three gables.
  • Of particular note are corner rotundas with their own slate roofs. Together with adjoining verandah feature decorative timber posts and slatted balustrades and valences (partly removed on No. 167).
  • Upper window frames to No. 165 still retain coloured glass panes. Roughcast chimneys and decoration on gables. Sold$1,320,000
Federation Queen Annestyle
The tour finishes here.
If you wish, take time to visit ===28 Powell Street Coogee===
‘Belle’ - Impressive Federation period house.