Monday, January 5, 2009

Federation Queen Anne style

Federation Queen Anne style

Yes they are fussy, but they're also great fun to see! Look at the whimsy, the theatricality! How many other Australian Houses give so much satisfaction to the viewer?

Distinctive Features:

  1. Front verandas with decorative timber
  2. Tiling on the patio floor and entry paths
  3. Brickwork is usually a deep red or dark brown, often with a mix of the two
  4. Roofs are typically terracotta tiles with decorative gables, motifs, timber features, tall chimneys and fretwork
  5. Decorative leadlight windows are also common
  6. Circular windows (known as bulls-eye windows)
  1. Plasterwork,
  2. High ceilings
  3. Timber features.
Queen Anne Federation home, burwood, sydney
Queen Anne federation home, Burwood, Sydney

West Maling Sydney
West Maling Queen Anne Federation home, Penshurst, Sydney

Appian Way, Burwood, Sydney
Appian Way, Burwood, Sydney