Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Federation Bungalow style

The Federation Bungalow style can be regarded as a transition between the Federation Queen Anne and the California Bungalow styles.
  • They lost the picturesque complexities of the Queen Anne style and
  • do not display their structural carpentry as much as the Californian Bungalow.
This style appears late in the Federation period and flows on into the Inter-War period as the Californian Bungalow.
Federation bungalows in Australia often vary quite widely from one another in appearance, and here are three very different examples, showing Filigree, simplicity, and Queen Anne styles.

The definitive examples of the Federation Bungalow style share the qualities of
  • single story buildings
  • wide verandahs
  • casement front windows,
  • homely simplicity, robust honesty.
  • minimal timber detailing
external image 800px-Edwardian.jpg
Bungalow, Shaftsbury Road, Burwood
Bungalow, Shaftsbury Road, Burwood

Federation Bungalow Home, Appian Way, Burwood, Sydney
Federation Bungalow Home, Appian Way, Burwood, Sydney